A Clear Balance

A Clear Balance with Skeyndor. Unless you were born with perfect skin, eat a perfect diet, are never stressed or hormonal, you will at some stage or another suffer from breakouts. Breakouts are our skin’s way of telling us that we are not looking after ourselves, or that things may be unbalanced.

You may even just be suffering from an excessively oily t-zone, or your pesky pores are bothering you, your makeup slides off in some areas, or you had a pimple months and months ago but there is still a mark from it. Clear Balance by Skeyndor has something for each of these skin behavioural issues.

Clear Balance is designed firstly to help prevent and control, plus treat breakouts in a number of ways. By boosting your skin’s immunity, your skin is less susceptible to nasty breakouts and is more resilient! Secondly, by controlling excess oil, we are refining and reducing the appearance of pores, plus refining the skin texture. We also must, of course, help to reduce inflammation and redness and even out the skin tone. Clear Balance has been carefully developed and formulated to do these things so your skin finds its balance.

Beauty Blogger Samantha Rose from the Tailored Talk gave us a review of our Clear Balance range. “I tried Skeyndor and I was pleasantly surprised. I have been using the products for oily, blemish-prone skin for over two weeks now, and I have definitely noticed a positive change in my skin. My Mum noticed before I did, but I guess that’s what Mums’ do isn’t it? But not only was it a positive change in my skin but a change in my confidence. I can now go to the gym without makeup and not be embarrassed by the appearance of my face. I can smile at that cute guy in the weights section without having to worry if a giant pimple near my mouth will explode and land on his shirt. My skin feels good. I feel good.”



Elysha Lauren x

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