Advanced Beauty Routine

Been curious about how to advance your beauty routine? How to start adding concentrates, serums, and boosters for that next level skin glow? Well, look no further, let me take you through how to add to a basic skincare routine.

Eye Cream

It’s never too early to add an eye cream to your skincare routine. We all get bags and don’t want people to know we were up late bingeing Netflix. Plus, prevention is key. The area around the eye is a very delicate and sensitive area. The skin is much finer than in the rest of the face. Apply an eye cream after you cleanse and tone.


A skin booster is designed to enhance the absorption of the next step in your skincare routine which could be a serum or moisturiser. Whilst also, balancing your skin’s pH levels and hydrating your skin with its lightweight formula. Apply after your toner.

(Lazy Girl Tip: Skeyndor’s Power Oxygen Boosting Serum is a two in one, so you can jump straight to your moisturiser) 


A concentrate is an intensive high concentration of active ingredients to target specific skin concerns over a week to 28 days. A concentrate can come in the form of a skin ampoule or packaged like a serum. The easiest way to use a concentrate is like booster and serum in one, as you only use them for a short period of time. If you want to get complex, you can use Skeyndor’s UNIQCURE concentrates as your booster before a serum. 


The best way to describe a serum is that it’s a lightweight, fast absorbing moisturiser designed to deliver active ingredients into the deepest layers of your skin. You use them before your moisturiser and after your booster.

Face Oil

Face oil’s can be used in a number of ways however, Skeyndor’s is the last step in your night-time beauty routine. It is applied after your moisturiser

Whether you just want a basic skincare routine or want to start moving into a more complex one, there are lots of different products to choose from and layer. My advice would be to just take a moment to access your skin and decide on one thing that you want to achieve. Then, choose your booster concentrate, or serum based on that skin goal.

Elysha Lauren x

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