Beauty Advent Calendar 2018

Your most luxurious countdown to Christmas is here with the Skeyndor Beauty Advent Calendar – for lovers of opulence

The return of the Advent Calendar is big news in the beauty world and, if there was ever a time to invest in this most coveted brand, the Skeyndor Beauty Advent Calendar is it, because nothing beats the indulgence of luxury skincare products.

Divinely packaged, the Skeyndor Beauty Advent Calendar is every girl’s dream and the most desirable collection to transform the daily skincare routine. 

Start at 1 December and transport yourself to the skincare universe of Skeyndor and, by the time you’ve opened all 24 doors on 25 December, you’ll have everything you need to start 2019 beautifully.

Save the Skeyndor Beauty Advent Calendar for yourself or gift it to that very special someone. Cannot wait until Christmas to be pampered? Savour the feeling of opening each drawer to a Skeyndor beauty treat every single day. 

From signature favourites and cult classics, each heavenly product in the 2018 Beauty Advent Calendar returns the radiance and youthfulness to the skin. 


A happy customer from the UK had this to say about our 2018 Beauty Advent Calendar:

“I have just bought the best adult advent calendar for women there is. 

Now that sounds almost XXX rated, but NO ladies. It’s a SKEYNDOR cosmetics advent calendar with a product in each window. If it needs a rating I would give it 7 stars. 

They didn’t just use mere sample sizes, nor did they skimp on the products, they actually packed it with their top range. You’ll find proper tube sizes, cream lasting about 2 weeks, whole ampoules and serums to get a really good snapshot of the products. By Christmas, you’ll have the most amazing skin and you’ll really know which product works best for you. 

If you are looking for JUST THAT present, or treat yourself, this is the pampering version of it. 

Although it’s an advent calendar, I think it’s just as much fun to open in January if given as a Christmas present.”

Dr Petra Dance, UK


Have you been dying to try our Timeless Prodigy Range or SOLD OUT MyMASK’s? Then this is the perfect chance to discover our products and countdown to Christmas, with the Skeydor Beauty Advent Calendar 2018.

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