Authentic Skeyndor Products

Authentic & Genuine Skeyndor Products

Skeyndor Australia ( is the official and only Australian Distributors of Skeyndor. We can guarantee that your product is a genuine Skeyndor product straight from the Skeyndor HQ in Barcelona, Spain. We can also ensure that your product is not out of date and has been shipped and stored correctly, to guarantee the quality of your product.

If you have any issues with your product, you are able to return and receive a full refund according to Australian law.



Official Australian Distributors Of Australia

If you purchase Skeyndor Products from overseas, you run the risk of your product being expired, non-genuine, shipped incorrectly or stored without the proper attention. In this case, you will not be protected by Australian consumer law and we hold no responsibility for products not bought from our official sites or our official stockists.