Eczema and Skincare

The Eczema Association Australasia (eaa) featured the Skeyndor Aquatherm Range in their spring issue newsletter.

Eczema and associated skin concerns are some of the most challenging that sufferers face today. The condition can be genetic and triggered by allergies from dairy or wheat, for example, using harsh products, stress and the environment.

Skin specialist, beauty expert and CEO at SKEYNDOR “One of the keys is avoiding aggressive and unforgiving ingredients such as AHA’s that can aggravate the condition.”

Successfully managing the condition and relieving uncomfortable symptoms, the key at SKEYNDOR is repairing the damage, restoring a balance and protecting the skin. That’s where Aquatherm comes in. It’s a customised range of calming and soothing products, formulated for everyday home use, not solely in the event of a problem or flare up.

Aquatherm is dedicated to the special needs of the most delicate of skins and those suffering the effects of eczema.

Gentle yet exceptionally effective, the products offer nurturing care and comfort while alleviating associated and reactive conditions of redness, inflammation, flakiness and irritation.

Aquatherm is formulated with the pure spring water from Salies-de-Bearn, a natural source found in the French Pyrenees. These waters contain unique properties; the highest concentration of Magnesium and more than 25 nutrient-rich elements and minerals including Calcium, Phosphate, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Silica and Copper. All of which are essential to a healthy cell function and the repairing and regenerating processes of the skin.

“Keeping the skin supple and hydrated is very important, as dryness and flakiness play a key role in the severity of eczema.” Adding “where healthy cells retain water far better, damaged ones are less able to, thus allowing vital water (and moisture) to escape, significantly affecting the complexion.”

In the case of eczema and sensitive concerns, the microflora, which protects the surface of the skin is damaged. This, in turn, allows harmful bacteria or microorganisms to penetrate, causing irritation and inflammation. The Aquatherm products contain Pre-Biotic sugars that work with, rather than stripping away microflora to reinstate the health and balance of the skin and shield it from further damage.

The products also contain Ceramides to strengthen the skin, seal in moisture and shield against moisture loss and Plant Extracts that work at a deeper level to improve the skin’s tolerance.

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