Skeyndor Makeup Set

$158.00 $85.00

Our sensual makeup set includes Hydra Glam Gloss Lipstick, Healthy Glow Bronzer, FREE Candy Nail Polish and FREE Blush Stick.


The Skeyndor Hydra Glam Lip Crayon has a tantalising glossy finish as well as a seductive shiny effect. It hydrates in depth and contains an SPF 15 protection factor. 

Our bronzing powder gives your skin tone an immediate glow. With a natural effect, it also protects the skin thanks to a protective SPF 15 factor. 

The FREE Candy Nail varnish has a unique semitransparent and glossy “Candy” finish. 

The FREE Blush Stick gives a cheeky glow and is easily applied to the cheeks in its stick format. 

Lipstick and nail polish available in either a matching Berry or Coral tone. Perfect products to add to any makeup routine. 


Apply 2 layers of the Candy Nail Polish to get a refreshing and extreme colour. 

The Blush stick can be applied directly on to the cheeky and the gently diffuse across the cheek with your fingers. It is ideal to always carry with you and touch up your look every time you need it.