Pore Normalising Factor


Size: 75ml

A toner created to reduce the appearance of pores and to normalise the skin’s oil flow.

Thanks to the amazing scientific delivery system in this toner/ serum, ingredients can penetrate the skin effectively and achieve remarkable results for a shine-free complexion and smaller pores like never before. This normalising factor/toning gel helps to regulate the production of oil deep within the sebaceous glands (at the source of the problem) which aids in boosting your skin’s immunity and defences. This product contains oil. 

Liposome Astragalus – Targeted at sebaceous glands, acts as an effective Sebo-regulating agent. Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and regenerative properties

Hamamelis Water – Astringent, anti-bacterial

After usual cleansing, spread a few drops of the product over the face with gentle, circular movements, paying particular attention to skin blemishes.