Pore Refining Repair Serum


Size: 50ml

Formulated to soften the appearance of blemishes and micro scars, this oil-free serum aids the skin’s repair processes. Whilst also reducing the characteristics of large open pores. For oily skin types or those prone to acne.

With retinol-like activity thanks to Bakuchiol, this serum aims to normalise, repair and reduces the appearance of large, dilated pores, while reducing the approach of blemishes and micro scars associated with oily, acne prone skin. Oil-free.  

Bakuchiol – Used as a substitute for retinol with an effect that is practically identical but without the risk of irritating or photo sensitising

Liposome Ursolic Acid – Extract from Rosemary. An alternative compound to retinoid acid in anti-ageing treatments. It calms and repairs the skin, and has regenerating activity

After usual cleansing, spread a few drops of the product over the face with gentle, circular movements, paying particular attention to skin blemishes.