Expression Lines Lip Filler Contour

SIZE: 50ML | SUITABLE FOR: Mature Skins

Corrective cream for expression lines and deep wrinkles around the lips. With triple anti-wrinkle action, anti-blemish action and volume effect, adding up to 25% more volume to the lips. It combines two filling techniques together with a biological exfoliant and active ingredients that relax the appearance of expression lines and reduce upper lip wrinkles and side wrinkles.


Filling effect, emulating invasive skin filling treatments, without long-term harm and invasive procedures. Creating a fuller plumper skin texture for aging skin. Combined with peeling this product will leave the skin, mouth and lip area more youthful. Presented in a unique package design allowing you to apply in targeted areas and create an at-home treatment, that is up to standards with common fillers.


Biological peeling agent

Skeyndor formulated quick filling substance for the surface tissue

Internal tissue redensifiers

Pre-synaptic dermolifting peptides with COSMETIC DRONE™ TECHNOLOGY

Post-synaptic dermolifting peptides

Neuro-inhibiting agents

After usual cleansing, spread the product around the lips, focusing on wrinkles and expression lines.

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