Resurfacing Peel Cleansing Gel


Size: 200ml

An exfoliating cleansing gel that achieves instant gratification- dewy, bright and more radiant skin. Based on the latest in peeling technology, this exfoliating cleansing gel is gentle on your skin and gets results. A potent combination of AHA’s and enzymes dissolve dead dull skin cells that are getting in the way of skin perfection.

A cleansing and exfoliating gel with a- hydroxy acids (AHA) and enzymes. Its formula purifies and renovates external skin layer. Do not apply in eyes or mucous membranes. Stop using the product in case of irritation. Contains Acids 5%. Not recommended for sensitive skins

Glycolic and Lactic acids. pH 4.2 – Alpha hydroxyl acid for exfoliation and skin renewal

Protease – Dissolves the main component of the corneocytes (keratin) It weakens cell-to-cell adhesion

If the skin is dry, use once per week. If the skin is normal-oily, use twice weekly. After removing makeup, apply the product with lukewarm water and work into a lather. Using circular motions, apply to face, neck and decollete, avoiding eyes and mouth. Cleanse thoroughly with water. Do not use on sensitive skin. Stop using in the event of irritation.