Resurfacing Peel Concentrate 15%


Size: 30ml

An award-winning powerful, intensive exfoliating concentrate with acids and biological peptides for true skin changing results in 28 days. A potent formula for the generation of new smoother and more luminous skin. With a fresh gel texture and no need to rinse, how can you not love this Skeyndor serum?

Intensive exfoliating concentrate with Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), Poly-hydroxy acid (PHA) and biological peptides. It contains a potent formulation that promotes the regeneration of new skin cells as well as promotes smoother and more luminous skin. Resurfacing Peel Concentrate can be used for a 28 day as a shock treatment or as an alternative or maintenance between professional peels. It is also ideal for the treatment of pigmentation and discolourations. Use once daily preferable at night under your moisturiser. Do not apply in eyes or mucous membranes. Stop using the product in case of irritation. Not recommended for sensitive skins. Contain Acids 15%. pH 3.8

Gluconolactone – Moisturise and hydrate the skin during the peel and resurfacing

Lactic Acid – An Alpha hydroxyl acid for exfoliation and skin renewal

Mandelic Acid – To soften pore size and acne marks

Phytic Acid – Softens pigmentation and brightens the natural skin tone

Biomimetic Peptides TGF-B (Beta) and DSG in Liposomes – Superficial peeling with full epidermal renewal and softens pigmentation and brightens the natural skin tone.

Apply day or night avoiding the eyes and mucous membranes to cleansed skin. Stop using in the event of irritation. Avoid sun exposure without applying adequate sun protection.