Resurfacing Peel Cream


Size: 50ml

A multi-tasking lightweight moisturiser that does more than just hydrate. Based on the latest peeling technology, this day cream will resurface and smooth your skin, whilst protecting you from UV damage. Expertly stimulating cell renewal and repair this Skeyndor hero, featuring peeling favourites such as lactic acid and peptides, goes above and beyond expectations, supporting and improving the work of all of your current skincare products. SPF 20.

Exfoliating cream with Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), Poly-hydroxy acid (PHA) and biological peptides. It stimulates the generation of an epidermis, smoothes and brightens the skin. Do not apply in eyes or mucous membranes. Stop using the product in case of irritation. Contains Acids 8% with pH 4.2. SPF20

Gluconolactone – Moisturise and hydrate the skin during the peel and resurfacing

Lactic acid – An Alpha hydroxyl acid for exfoliation and skin renewal

Biomimetic Peptides TGF-B (Beta) and DSG in Liposomes – Superficial peeling with full epidermal renewal and softens pigmentation and brightens the natural skin tone.

Apply day or night avoiding the eyes and mucous membranes to cleansed skin. Stop using in the event of irritation. SPF20, ideal for daily use.