24 Hour Ultra Moisturising Cream


Size: 50ml

This miracle ultra-moisturising cream is mega long lasting and enables the skin to increase its natural levels of moisture. A thirsty skin’s soulmate.

Enriched with marine plankton, this carefully selected active ingredient protects the skin from toxins and fights free radicals. Natural moisturising factor (NMF) replicate the skins natural moisturising abilities to ensure a 24 hour, long-lasting moisturiser. This anti-ageing cream is recommended particularly for dry and dehydrated skins, skin which is exposed to extreme temperatures (outside all day or in air-conditioned or heated offices) and skin starting to show signs of ageing.

Marine Plankton Extract – cell algae extract, rich in W-3 acid. Ceramide precursor and hydrating agent.

Pentavitin – Carbohydrate complex that forms a fine moisture film on the skin which protects from dehydration

L-PCA – Lasting moisturising effect. When hydrolysed, it slowly releases pyrrolidone, a moisturising product that is part of the natural moisturising factor, NMF

Hygroplex – Mixture if monosaccharides, disaccharides in a natural combination with amino acids and urea. Similar complex to NMF.

Ceramides – Help defend the skin against the inlet of substances foreign to the body, and also protect against excessive loss of water and metabolites.

Vitamin A & E – Protected in nanospheres so that they can be preserved and released at certain times. Have anti-free radical and anti-ageing properties

After cleansing the skin, apply a thin layer of the product using gentle massage movements.