Throat Firming Cream with Calcium



Firming skin for the neck and décolleté, this is the ideal moisturiser for skin that lacks tone. Specially formulated to protect and strengthen the neck area while maintaining the skins moisture balance.

Made specially for neck and necklines suffering from skin flaccidity, this firming cream stimulates cell energy, restores the water balance of dull skin and deeply revitalises. Gradually reducing sagging and restoring natural elasticity to the décolletage.

Ceramides – Help defend the skin against the inlet of substances foreign to the body, and also protect against excessive loss of water and metabolites.

PCA Calcium – Helps the synthesis of keratinocytes and compensates for the lack of these cells in mature skins. During menopause, their absorption in the gut is highly reduced and it is important to supply them in other ways ie. topically.

Noble Oils – Rich in unsaponifiable substances and have a high anti-ageing activity.

Soya Proteins – Create a flash tensing serum with an immediate lifting effect for instant beauty

After cleansing in the usual way, apply a thin layer of the product using gentle massage movements.