What is a BB Cream?

The Skeyndor BB Cream Age Defence SPF15 has full coverage without the heaviness, a camouflaging of imperfections,  anti-ageing ingredients, sun protection, an instant reduction in redness, a blurring of fine wrinkles and a lightweight formula that won’t clog the pores. It offers a fresh, even natural look, it hydrates, it adapts to the tone of the skin and it lasts and lasts without creasing. And, a little goes a long way.

The term BB Cream comes from Blemish Base or Blemish Balm – a base for imperfections/blemishes. BB creams cannot be defined simply as a colour-based cream, because they are really a whole treatment.

The concept of BB Cream originated in Germany as a remedy that pharmacists used to prepare for dermatologists, to protect the skin after aggressive facial treatments. Originally,  BB Creams were intended to protect the skin from the sun and environmental factors, regenerate the skin after aggressive treatments and conceal any possible redness by providing moisture and radiance.

BB Creams have become one of the “beauty essentials” thanks to the fact that their components to not only improve the skin’s appearance from the first application but because they actually continue improving its appearance as they are used. Therefore, they are significantly different from conventional makeup.

Their Texture:  BB Creams are not as dense as makeup bases, as they are somewhere between a balm, a cream and a gel.

Their tone: the tones of the BB Cream are transparent, and they are capable of adapting to the skin’s tone, creating a natural appearance.

Their Coverage: BB Creams cover less than make-up bases.

Their finish: BB Creams offer a natural, matte finish.

Their sun protection factor: BB Creams usually have a minimum sun protection factor of SPF15, which is essential for continuous skin care.

Their ingredients are beneficial for the skin: they contain an endless array of ingredients that are well known for their medicinal properties

Health for the skin: BB Creams do not use any ingredients that are harmful to the skin, (parabens, talcum, etc.).

Our BB Cream treats the complexion to a dose of super actives such as Italine-T plus, an extract from Italian Tomato and Broccoli that is seriously rich in the anti-oxidant, Lycopene to stave off free radical damage and Alpha-Liolic Acid that works its charm on lines and wrinkles, smoothing them down and making them less than noticeable. In addition, the formula features a potent Bioactive Tetra-Peptide that turns on the collagen production stimulating repair and renewal deep down.

Skeyndor also offers a CC Cream, which has more coverage, meaning more pigments and a higher SPF factor of SPF30. The Skeyndor CC Cream makes for the perfect summer makeup companion with anti-ageing ingredients including Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Jambu Extract.

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