For over 50 years SKEYNDOR has developed world first formulations with award
winning delivery systems and skin loving active ingredients, even suitable for sensitive skin.

SKEYNDOR “Science Creates Beauty”, are the leaders in results-driven, cosmeceutical
skincare formulations. Made and developed in Spain with the help of 11 in-house
scientists with their own laboratory and manufacturing systems SKEYNDOR ensure
only the highest grade quality and ethically sourced ingredients go into their
products, which are not tested on animals.


Skeyndor’s award winning delivery systems and ingredient innovations are all
clinically tested and proven.


Cooperating with cosmetic surgeons,
aestheticians, and dermatologists to deliver result focused cosmeceutics for the treatment room and your beauty cabinet.

Complete Solution

Tailored to your needs. With over 200 products, Skeyndor is more than just a skincare, it is a comprehensive solution for skin health and wellness.