What’s A Skin Care Fridge and Do You Really Need One?

Let’s admit it – skin care trends can get pretty lucrative. From expensive jade rollers, to pricey eye creams, it’s hard not to ask the question “Do I really need that?” The same question was asked when the latest skin care must have – aka the skin care fridge dedicated to storing and chilling skin products – was introduced. This latest trend in skin care seems too extra, and unnecessary. But is it?

What’s a Skin Care Fridge?

A quick look at #minifridgeselfie introduces us to the interesting world of skin care fridges. They’re cute, they’re fancy, they’re mostly pink, and they are filled with neat rows of masks, stash of creams, and sometimes a jade roller. But what does a skin care fridge do?

If you often find your masks, moisturizers, serums, and oils scattered all over the house, the skin care fridge can help you organize your products better. Many skin care enthusiasts also believe that chilling skin care products help increase their effectiveness.

It seems regular fridges can do what a skin care fridge can provide, so do you need to really get one?

The answer is YES if you want to spare your products from bacteria

Dr. Purvisha, a trusted dermatologist, confirms that “cooling the products helps inhibit bacterial and fungal growth once the product has been contaminated with fingers.” Investing on a beauty fridge can help ensure you’re sparing yourself from bacteria that’s potentially harmful to the face.

YES, if you want to increase the cooling effects of products

Products that are meant to refresh and relax the skin – especially facial masks like Skeyndor’s MyMask line – feel better on the skin when they are chilled. Increase the cooling, relaxing effect of your masks, creams, and gels by keeping them in a colder temperature.

YES, if you want to prolong the shelf life of your holy grail products

When stored in room temperature for long periods of time can reduce the effectiveness and usefulness of your skincare products. You can use a regular fridge, too, but can you imagine what would happen to your serums once they’re placed near spoiling food? A skin care fridge provides the correct temperature and environment that can help you maintain the usefulness of your products for a longer time.

A skin care fridge may sounds so fancy – we’ve rolled our eyes, too – but it does come with benefits that make this seemingly extra skin care item worth it.







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