Got Sensitive Skin? Here’s Your Guide to Using Retinol

Finding the perfect skincare routine does not come easy for people with sensitive skin. When trying out trends, folks with sensitive skin should tread gently as even the simplest, gentlest ingredients can cause irritation. If you have issues with skin sensitivity, you may wonder “Can I also enjoy the benefits of retinol?” Using retinol-infused products is possible, with Skeyndor’s uniquely formulated Power Retinol line that is great for even some sensitive skin. Here’s a quick guide to remember when using retinol on sensitive skin.  

What is Retinol? 

Retinol – also known as a pure derivative of vitamin A – is an effective skincare component known for its anti-aging properties. This potent ingredient promotes skin renewal and encourages the production of collagen that tends to slow down by the time one reaches 30. Apart from its anti-ageing and age-rewinding benefits, retinol also targets and heals the adverse effects of sun damage. 

Unlike regular anti-ageing products, retinol sinks deeper in the skin’s surface and speeds up cell turnover which signals the body to bring out fresher, clearer, and younger skin again. Retinol ultimately produces a “Benjamin Button” scenario – an effect where the skin is “tricked” to feel that it’s younger than it is – which results in a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. 

When it comes to anti-aging solutions, retinol takes the top spot. Using it regularly for months can bring out skin with lesser lines and signs of aging. 

What are the Side Effects of Regular Retinol? 

Despite its amazing skin benefits, not everyone can use pure retinol. Fortunately, Skeyndor uses a combination of low dosage retinol, retinoid and retinol-like ingredients that have the same powerful results but without the common side effects. Many users complain that retinol products cause their skin to become itchy, red, and flaky. Some of these common retinol side effects include: 

Dry Skin

Retinol’s ability to create a quicker skin cell turnover can cause the skin to dry up. When the skin’s top layer is shed rapidly, the skin barrier becomes affected. When the skin’s barrier is impaired, it can’t effectively prevent water loss. This results in drier, flakier skin. Not with Skeyndor, having created both a cream, an emulsion and a serum-in-cream both will effectively hydrate the skin along with a long list of other benefits. 


Although retinol is effective in targeting acne problems, people with sensitive skin have a high chance of developing acne. Those who have a  history of acne should keep this in mind when using products with retinol. Skeyndor’s Retinol is fantastic in helping reduce acne and is commonly used in the treatment room and for effective at-home treatments, you need not to worry about this strange side-effect with Skeyndor’s formulation, and if breakouts were to occur for any reason, simply ship back the product and you will receive a full refund.

Sun Sensitivity

One of the common side effects of retinol is sun sensitivity. Because the skin’s barriers are affected, exposure to the sun can cause the skin to be irritated. It is recommended to use retinol at night, and to use sunscreen as a protection. This is something Skeyndor worked long and hard on and is one of the only retinol products that can be used all year round with its unique formulation.

Skeyndor’s Retinol Line – The Best Choice for Sensitive Skin

With years of research, Skeyndor has come up with a potent yet gentle retinol line that people with sensitive skin can use all year long. Skeyndor’s Power Retinol Range features Maximum Cosmetic Stability derived from the combination of three powerful ingredients with high rejuvenating properties to address skin ageing concerns in the safest, most delicate way. 

Each retinol product is composed of retinol (an agent that heals and restores aging skin), bakuchiol (a molecular stabilizer that acts like retinol when it comes to stimulation), and HS Soy Extract (an ingredient that enhances the benefits of retinol and minimises the side effects of the molecule). 

Established by toxicological experts based on European recommendations, the Power Retinol line is a trusted product for skin ageing concerns. This line of products can be enjoyed in the office, or at the comfort of your own home. 

When the skin begins to hit 30, it deserves all the help it needs. Don’t let time win the war against ageing, give your sensitive skin the protection and regenerating benefits of Skeyndor’s Power Retinol Line

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