Winter Skin Care Must Haves For That Winter Glow

The colder temperature and the longer days of winter give us more comfort to enjoy a much needed beauty rest. However, it’s a different story when you step out of your bedroom – the harsh winter wind, dry air, and cold temperature can ultimately take a toll on your skin. But don’t fret – ways to achieve that winter glow are simple and easy. Sticking to a good winter skincare routine can help dull complexion, dry skin, and chapped lips at bay, and reveal a brighter look even on winter.

Pack on the Moisturiser

As you add some changes to your skincare routine for winter, remember that winter conditions can easily suck the moisture out of your skin. Combat dry, dull skin by packing on with moisturisers. Opt for cream based moisturisers – gel-based ones are prone to being stripped off easily.

Knowing when to moisturise is also important. For best results, apply moisturiser right after you step out of the shower to ensure the moisture is retained on your skin.

Remember the Retinol

Retinol makes the skin photosensitive, that’s why winter is the best time to introduce it to your skin. Retinol is one of the winter skin care products that can easily help you sport that winter glow. A drop of retinol promotes healthy skin cell productions, unclogs blocked pores, and brightens dull skin. Vigilantly wearing sunscreen when you’re using retinol is still important.

A gentler retinol offers great benefits without making you worry of skin damage. Skeyndor’s Retinol Repair Serum in Cream is a gentle product with a unique formula you can safely use in winter, and any time of the year.

Peel and Reveal the Glow

One of the secrets to glowing and healthy skin during the winter is chemical peel. Chemical peels can “actually deliver certain skin benefits—like reversing melasma and breakouts—better than high-tech devices.” Chemical peels replace dead skin cells with new ones, control melasma, and reveal brighter, fairer skin. Since they’re safe and low-risk, you can also customize according to your skin type. Experience finer, more luminous skin this winter with Skeyndor’s award-winning Resurfacing Peel Concentrate.

Skin care for winter glow isn’t as complicated as you think it is. Stick with the moisturiser, retinol, and chemical peels and rock that glowing winter skin!

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