What’s A Skin Care Fridge and Do You Really Need One?

Let’s admit it – skin care trends can get pretty lucrative. From expensive jade rollers, to pricey eye creams, it’s hard not to ask the question “Do I really need that?” The same question was asked when the latest skin care must have – aka the skin care fridge dedicated to storing and chilling skin […]

How to Deal with Skin Redness

There’s no denying that red, irritated, blotchy skin can easily get in the way of your goals to look flawless. Almost 50% of the population suffers from sensitive skin, making the question “How do I deal with skin redness?” a popular skincare concern. If you’re done with sporting agitated, sensitive skin, take note of these […]

Got Sensitive Skin? Here’s Your Guide to Using Retinol

Finding the perfect skincare routine does not come easy for people with sensitive skin. When trying out trends, folks with sensitive skin should tread gently as even the simplest, gentlest ingredients can cause irritation. If you have issues with skin sensitivity, you may wonder “Can I also enjoy the benefits of retinol?” Using retinol-infused products […]

Advanced Beauty Routine

Been curious about how to advance your beauty routine? How to start adding concentrates, serums, and boosters for that next level skin glow? Well, look no further, let me take you through how to add to a basic skincare routine. Eye Cream It’s never too early to add an eye cream to your skincare routine. […]

Benefits Of Vitamin C For The Skin

Still nowhere to be found, is the fountain of youth. But now you can get your hands on a product that can replicate its powers – Skeyndor’s Power C line!  Say goodbye to looking 40 at 40! When used on a daily, each potent drop of Power C products can help retain and maintain that […]

3 Things You Need For The Best Basic Skincare Routine

Where To Start Now, I get asked all the time about what order to put on skin products, when to start using a serum or eye cream and how to create a skincare routine. With so many different products it can be overwhelming to navigate what your skin needs and where to begin.  Want good […]

What Can Stem Cells Do For Your Skin?

Did you know that around 10,000 skin cells are born from one stem cell? Skin cells are constantly regenerating and on average live for 21 days. They make their way up from the deepest layers of your skin where they then die protecting themselves from external aggressors. As the engine for the constant renewal of […]

Sleeping With Makeup On

We’ve all been told a million times to remove makeup before we go to sleep, but why is it important? What happens to our skin when we have those naughty nights off? You may not notice the skin damage immediately, but long term your skin can suffer serious consequences that can be difficult to combat when you […]