New Skin Foaming Cleanser


Size: 150ml

Illuminating, lightening and resurfacing cleansing foam for revitalising the complexion daily. This foam not only deeply cleanses the skin but also stimulates the production of newer, brighter and more radiant skin cells.

A cleansing foam with lactic acid combined with arginine. A patented AHA release system, designed by Skeyndor for sustained skin renewal without the nasty side effects, mainly irritation and redness. When used daily, it cleanses the skin’s impurities in-depth and stimulates the synthesis of new epidermis for brighter more luminous skin. For all skin types.


Lactic Acid/Arginine 20:1– Patented alpha hydroxyl acid release system for sustained exfoliation, without irritation.

Apply to wet skin with gentle movements. Remove with plenty of cold water.