Eternal Cream – Stem Cell Anti Aging Cream


Size: 50ml

A powerful anti-age cream containing plant origin stem cells. Formulated to restore volume to the skin at its deepest layers this cream restores, stimulates, revitalises and renews the skin. For a fuller, more even and defined face.

Transform your skin with the power of stem cells. A first of it’s kind, Skeyndor has harnessed the magic of Apple Stem Cells to stimulate and support your skin’s repair process and cell turnover. Encapsulated in nanoliposomes Skeyndor discovered how to encapsulate plant stem cells and allow them to be compatible and absorb into the skin working alongside the Swiss government and their laboratory. In 28 days, your skin will be firmer, more lifted and wrinkles will be reduced.

Plant Origin Stem Cell Nanoliposomes – Promotes the production of epidermal stem cells and protects them against environmental stress such as UV rays

Sea Fennel Extract – Harmonises the multiplication and differentiation of the cells. Detox effect on skin suffering from cellular asphyxia.

Lupin seed extract – Redensifies the dermis and improves the skin’s mechanical properties. Increases the synthesis of high-quality collagen.

Acmella Flower Extract – Reorganises the collagen fibres and improves their adhesion to fibroblasts, which tautens the support structures.

Apply the product to clean skin and massage in until an even colour is obtained.