Pure Defence Gel


Size: 50ml

A gel formulated for treating and preventing the spread of impurities. Oil-free as well as containing an anti-Shine formula this SPF 15 moisturiser better protects the skin from acne scarring due to sun exposure.

This cream gel moisturisers active ingredients increase the skin’s antimicrobial peptide levels, improving its natural resistance against blemishes while defending it against the spread of impurities and external aggressors. Anti-shine formula. Oil-free. SPF 15. 


Acetyl Dipeptide-3 Aminohexanoate – Reinforces the skin’s natural defence

Phenolic Extract of Meadowsweet – Extract that stimulates the skin’s innate immunity. Antibacterial

Hollow PMMA Spheres – Mops up oil, gives the skin a matte appearance

After usual cleansing, apply the product all over the face, paying particular attention to the areas most prone to containing impurities.