Rich Nourishing Cream


Size: 50ml

Meet the newest addition to your nighttime routine. This rich nourishing and firming night cream, formulated with specialised ingredients ensures you wake up with firmer and brighter looking skin.

Nutritive, firming night cream, formulated with a synergetic combination of amino acids, trace elements and vitamins. These are slowly released to provide in-depth skin revival, achieving greater firmness and radiance. Ideal for dry skins that require nutrition and lack tone.


Magnese aspartate, zinc and copper glutamate – Active ingredients with specifically timed action in the various stages of the energy chain (ATP). Promotes DNA synthesis & increases radiance and tone.

Panthenol – Metabolises and converts into pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), which restores the A co-enzyme that is essential for skins subject to external aggressions.

Vitamin A – Regulates skin keratinisation

Vitamin C & E – Anti-oxidant and anti-free radical effect

Vitamin F – Controls fat metabolism

After cleansing, apply a thin layer of the product using gentle massage movements.