CC Cream Age Defense SPF 30


Size: 40ml

CC colour correcting cream for daily skin care and makeup needs. A special combination of natural pigments brings a healthy glow and tone to the skin, unifying it and helping to conceal tiny blemishes. Enriched with anti-ageing actives this makeup treatment also has your important SPF 30 factor.

Enriched with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and jambu extract this colour correcting CC cream not only brings a healthy glow and tone to the skin, it also hydrates, smooths wrinkles, protects the skin from external aggressors, ageing and helps to conceal tiny blemishes. Light, non-greasy texture, natural colour correcting pigments, paraben free, SPF 30.

Vitamin C derivative – Greater cell absorption, actives cell metabolism, antioxidant, reduces cell damage by UV rays, skin is radiant, melanin synthesis is inhibited and whitens melanin already formed.

Hyaluronic Acid – Forms a viscoelastic film on the skin, helping to maintain its tone and elasticity. Improves the natural defence mechanisms and prevents dehydration.

Jambu extract – Acmella Oleracea reduces and reverses fine lines and wrinkles, a natural muscle relaxant, it works to relieve subcutaneous muscle contractions of the face, which are greatly attributed to “expression lines” on ageing skin

Apply the product to clean skin and massage in until an even colour is obtained.